The Awards were given to the Winners of the Photography Contest themed “I’m a Tradesman with the spirit of Ahi Evran”

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The awards were given to the winners of the Photography Contest themed “I’m a Tradesman with the Spirit of Ahi Evran”, which was held by our university and Kayseri Commodity Exchange within the scope of “2021 Ahi Evran Year” events. Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çalış, Acting Provincial Gendarme Commander Colonel Yusuf Eskitürk, Kayseri Provincial Head of MHP Adnan İncetoprak, Chairman of Kayseri Commodity Exchange Market Recep Bağlamış, Chairman of Kayseri Tradesmen Credits and Guarantee Cooperative Mustafa Alan, Chairmen of Chambers, academicians and students attended the award ceremony held at the Erciyes Culture Center. Lect. Nihal Şengül, Head of the Department of Fine Arts, made the opening speech of the ceremony and gave information about the contest. Chairman of Kayseri Commodity Exchange Market Recep Bağlamış thanked those who contributed to the organization of the contest and said: “Nowhere in the world do tradesmen and craftsmen have a deep-rooted and historic tradition that combines science, morality and art like ours. We are proud of this deep-rooted organization that the ancestors bequeathed to us.” Our Rector congratulated the winners. Thanking all the participants of the contest, Rector Çalış said: “Today, we are here for the award ceremony of the Photography Contest held within the scope of “2021 Ahi Evran Year” events, organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Fine Arts of our university and Kayseri Commodity Exchange. We are delighted with the interests of amateur and professional photographers in the contest which was organized in order to commemorate Ahi Evran and all tradesmen and craftsmen who have kept the Ahi-order tradition alive on these lands for hundreds of years, to explain the Ahi-order culture and to pass it on to the next generations, and we are very happy to see the photographs that are about to be forgotten in our exhibition again.” In the contest in which 308 photographers across Turkey participated, 1151 photographs were taken under review and the photographs taken were evaluated by the jury, Arzu İbranoğlu was considered worthy of the first prize, Cihan Karaca the second prize, Orhan Tanhan the third prize, Niyazi Gürgen and Muharrem Daşan the honorable mention award. The award ceremony ended after the opening of the exhibition consisting of the winning photographs.