Nano Thera Research Lab

Erciyes University NanoTheranostics Research Lab

We are particularly interested to development of multiple functional nanoparticles for the delivery of gene and drug. We also conduct research related to Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) for the detection of diseases (cancer), bacteria, and other biological media. Furthermore, we have engineered focused ultrasound based therapies relied on nanomedicine, especially for the treatment of cancer.

NanoThera Lab located in ERFARMA (as main lab), ERNAM, and GENKOK Research Centers.

✨💥💫 Article Alert 💥✨💫#antibioticresistance detection with the Raman Spectroscopy and deep learning tool.

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Our article about cocktail therapy of BCL-2 siRNA and DOX is out. Enjoy reading! #genedelivery #nanomedicine #goldnanoparticle #breastcancer #chemotherapy #cocktailtherapy

Ready for future pandemics?#AMR
Our study related to detection of colistin resistance bacteria with SERS and machine learning techniques provides faster results than the techniques used as the gold standard in the clinic is online Analytica Chimica Acta.

TÜSEB Başkanı Sayın Prof Erhan Akdoğan ve TÜSEB ekibi ile beraber Rektör Hocamız Prof Mustafa Çalış laboratuvarımıza ziyaret ederek yürütmekte olduğumuz TÜSEB ve TÜBİTAK gen terapi projeleri hakkında bilgi verdik. Bu nazik ziyaretleri için teşekkür ederiz.

Just received our new designed lab notebooks. Hope to get all great results.

Yeni tasarım laboratuvar defterlerimiz geldi. Her vurduğumuz gol olsun 😄.

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